About us

Our desire here at ICCN is provide our congregation with the opportunity to Praise and Worship our savior Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24) whether in Music, prayer, giving, studying of the Word of God.  Our mission and desire is to make the name of Jesus Christ famous throughout the World. 

We do have a Youth program, children's church, and nursery services as well. We take our responsibility to our children very seriously. We have a staff that loves Kids and loves to teach them the Word of God and encourage them to have a lasting personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. They will be taught the Word of God in a way that is challenging to them so that they will want to learn more about God.

We have our arena put up so we can have events whether it's team roping, barrel racing, team penning, ranch sorting, and Age appropriate Children's Rodeo events.

We are a Non Denominational church that desires to honor God in all that we do so that the Kingdom of God will be made known to our community as well as the world around it.