Hello, I'm Pastor Stan King and welcome to our blogspot for Impact Cowboy Church of Nacogdoches. We are a new church plant here in Nacogdoches, TX and we're excited about what God is doing here with this church. We are a church that is dedicated to reaching out to the Cowboy culture and Western Heritage culture. Whether you wear boots or tennis shoes, flip flops or crocs it don't matter. You do not have to be a Cowboy or Cowgirl to come to Impact Cowboy Church. The only request we have is that you just come.
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2014 Horseman's Challenge

This Event has been postponed due to bad weather, a new date will be announced soon.
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Rules for the Horseman’s Challenge Obstacle Race

The Rider
There are no age divisions.  All riders are expected to have the ability to manage their own horses independently.
One (1) run per rider allowed. Horse may be used by more than one participant in a family.
The race requires riders to demonstrate both speed and horsemanship.
The safety of the contestant and the horse are always most important.
Should a rider be bucked off or fall off, the rider may continue to compete provided he/she can catch the horse unassisted and remount within one minute.  Should the horse leave the course, the rider is disqualified.
Riders must wear riding boots with a heel. Tennis shoes are not acceptable. Jeans are preferred and dress shall be modest. Western attire is not required.
The Judges may disqualify a contestant for what they deem to be abuse of any animal or the abuse of these rules without notice or reason given.  Any action or treatment that is deemed to be cruel, abusive or inhumane will result in immediate disqualification.
Respectful and courteous comportment is expected of contestants and event staff. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior on the part of the contestant or contestant’s family may result in disqualification.

The Horse
Proof of negative Coggins required.
Competitors are expected to make certain their horse is in condition to compete.
 If a judge deems a horse unfit to complete for any reason, the horse shall be disqualified from the event.
Tack is up to the discretion of the rider. 

The Course & Rules
Obstacles will be worth 1 point each.
Each obstacle shall have a 30 second time limit per obstacle. Time begins when the rider approaches the obstacle. Judges may allow the rider to continue the obstacle provided substantial progress toward completion of the obstacle has occurred.
If a rider skips an obstacle and begins the next obstacle he/she may not go back to the obstacle that was skipped.  Riders may opt to skip an obstacle(s) with the understanding that no points will be awarded for skipped obstacles. 
In the event of a tie, the faster time will place higher.
Contestants will walk the course with the Judges prior to the event. No horses are allowed on the course during the walk through and no practicing is allowed on the course prior to or during the event.
Obstacles and course rules will be reviewed at that time.
 Only the contestants are allowed to ask questions about any obstacle or rule on the course.

 It is the responsibility of the contestant to fully understand the rules, obstacles and the order of obstacles prior to the beginning of the event.

About Us

We have an awesome praise & worship team here at ICC. We have two kinds of Praise and Worship and it is Country and Western. We take a blend of classic traditional songs as well as modern worship songs and we play 'em with a country and western beat. Here at ICCN you can even two step if you want to.

We do have a children's church and nursery services as well. We take our responsibility to our children very seriously. We have a staff that loves Kids and loves to do something different with them. They will be taught the Word of God in a way that is challenging and refreshing that will get them to want to learn more about God.

We are working trying to get our arena put up so we can start having events whether it's team roping, barrel racing, or team penning and ranch sorting.

We are a Non Denominational church that desire to honor God in all that we do so that the Kingdom of God will be known and made known. We love to work with other churches in the local area when possible to help our community to be a better place.

Special Events

Impact Cowboy Church is working to be part of our community. We want our friends and neighbors to come out and enjoy some of these great events we have planned.

Contact and Location info

Impact Cowboy Church
Church Office:
415 FM 2112 Nacogdoches, TX 75961
office# 936-569-8559

After hours emergency #936-553-4912

Church meeting time.
Every Sunday Morning 10:15am at and Wednesday at 7:00pm

Directions: Off the Loop take Hwy 7 East 6 mile. Take a left on FM2112 three tenths of mile on left hand side.